Crocodile Creek creates thoughtful, beautifully designed, high quality products for the children in our world. I was honored to illustrate this block puzzle for them.

Mudpuppy creates award-winning children’s toy and activity products that engage a child’s imagination and education. I was delighted to illustrate for them a superhero themed diary.

My Little Tiger is a brand of Samsung Publishing Co. It was such a joy to illustrate for them this fancy robot.

Le Bon Coin is a major small ads website from France. They asked me to create a set of «7 family cards», with 7 families of 6 characters each, representing categories of objects/services sold on Le Bon Coin. This set of cards has been produced as commemoration of their 10th anniversary.

Auzou creates incredible illustrated products for children. I was honored to illustrate an amazing memory card game for them.