Hello, my name is Pablo and I am an full-time illustrator & designer living in the north of Spain.

When I finished high school I decided to take a college degree in Biology. My experience as an intern left a trail of explosions and toxic-vapour-induced faints, so that was a sign that I had chosen the wrong career. After that, I decided to switch from test tubes to colours and I think it all went much better. If I had stayed there mankind could have already reached its end!

I’m a confessed liquorice lover, enthusiast of old sci-fi movies and collector of children’s illustration books.

These are some of my recent clients: The Telegraph, Lidl, Mac Donald’s, Monocle magazine, Galison, Abrams Kids, Peaceable Kingdom, Scholastic, Mairie de Paris, Fleurus Ed., Anorak Magazine, Barcelona City Auditorium, Red Cross, Glottogon, Sky 1…

I’ve been luckily enough to illustrate books, magazines, social campaigns, apps, packaging, prints & postcards, lettering and branding.